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We established Fort Hill Software to apply the newly-maturing potential of world-wide web technologies to help organizations operate and communicate more effectively. Today, by intelligently exploiting the internet, we can construct and host web-based applications that let organizations develop and use their own sophisticated information resources, at relatively low cost, and without investing in traditional data center infrastructure and overhead.

The software and service offerings on the internet have matured to the point that we can centralize data storage and administration in a secure, professionally-managed data center, and make shared access available to users with nothing more sophisticated than a web browser and a dial-up connection to the internet, while still retaining the option to render data for traditional office tools at any time. Organizations can then use those resources from millions of access points in offices, homes, libraries, airports, and cafes all over the world. And they can use the same resources to communicate with customers and the general public, through applications like web portals, e-commerce, customer enrollment, and email newsletter subscriptions.

We take particular pride in helping our clients build or buy only what they need, and in carefully crafting solutions that simply work.

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